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Mar 07, 2009 · CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION is the key to its value and any REAL documented history of who owned it or carried it during the Civil war. If it is a standard 58 caliber Springfield pattern in original unaltered condition the value ranges from $850 in good condition to $3000 in fine condition.

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This type powder flask is the exact pattern that many young Confederates left home carrying as they headed off to the Civil War in 1861.--$65.SOLD Huge Military Atlas that was originally published to accompany the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion.

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During the first year of the Civil War, this flag was captured in Sacramento, California. The creator was a Major J.P. Gillis, who flew the flag on the 4th of July, 1861. Major Gillis claimed he was celebrating the independence of the United States from Britain as well as the southern states from the Union.

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Authentic Civil War Antiques & Memorabilia. Welcome to Uncle Davey's Americana. Located in Jacksonville Florida for over 25 years, we offer the Southeast's largest selection of Civil War memorabilia for sale. We specialize in authentic historical autographs, Confederate currency, state and obsolete currency, documents, weapons, and more.

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Although the word bullet is often used in colloquial language to refer to a cartridge round, a bullet is not a cartridge but rather a component of one. A round of ammunition cartridge is a combination package of the bullet (which is the projectile), the case (which holds everything together), the propellant (which provides the majority of the energy to launch the projectile) and the primer ...

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The war of American independence could be summed up as a civil war fought on foreign soil, as opposing forces comprised both nations' residents. That said, it is a war that America could not have survived without French assistance. In addition, Britain had significant military disadvantages.

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Speaking of non-lethal and hugely popular self defense methods, pepper spray is often the weapon of choice for both men and women. That stuff is so good that it’s actually used by riot control police and regular police officers alike.

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Lot # 244 RARE Vintage Angle Spout 36 Cal Powder Flask Civil War Era for COLT & Other Arms! Lot Number: 244 Ask Seller Question. Item Location: SE ocala. Preview Date ...

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CIVIL WAR & WARD LINES SHIP CAPTAIN'S ARCHIVE by Land And Sea Collection™ US NAVY - ROYAL NAVY ARTIFACTS & RELICS by Land And Sea Collection™ #Blueprint Sloop of War USS Wasp Ca 1806: #Early China Export Trade Silver Bosun's Pipe - Call: #Watercolor Painting of HMS Victory 1737: #Watercolor Painting of Royal Navy 38 Gun Frigate Class of ...

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Sep 06, 2014 · Take a handful of ground up dirt, put in into a glass of water, stir a bit and you have the simplest form of pigment stain, and one that can tell us a lot about how pigment stains behave. Let it sit a while and the dirt (pigment), which is heavier than water, will fall to the bottom. That’s true of most liquid pigment stains.

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Identify the casting pattern of the ball. Authentic Civil War cannonballs will have three distinct mold markers. The most obvious will be a faint ring around the ball, the mold seam, where the two hemispheres of the casting mold met. The second mold mark will be a circular mark somewhere along the seam. This mark is from the filler hole spruce.
A VERY GOOD EMBOSSED COPPER AMERICAN CIVIL WAR PERIOD POWDER FLASK, ca. 1860: In overall very good untouched condition with some minor surface dents and patches of discoloration. Of typical mid-19th Century bag-shaped form, with an embossed, raised, fluted pattern and untouched dark copper surfaces.
Comparisons are made with the power structure in other industries, in colleges, in the pre-Civil War South, as well as among the Australian aborigines. The last chapter, "Hollywood and the U.S.A." (pp. 307-332), is mainly devoted to showing that Hollywood and its power structure are not unique and an attempt was made
Nov 09, 2018 · From Civil War-era coffee secrets to the Mars Rover, this book will make the perfect gift for budding academics and fact-lovers alike. $14.95 at Amazon. The Existential Coloring Book • Latch onto the coloring book trend for the existentialist in your life with this gift.
Aug 10, 2020 · Spring 2011, Vol. 43, No. 1 By Paul Finkelman Enlarge For Southerners, Brown was the embodiment of all their fears—a white man willing to die to end slavery. For many Northerners, he was a prophet of righteousness. (111-BA-1101) As we celebrate the beginning of the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War, it is worthwhile to remember, and contemplate, the most important figure in the ...

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The Plane Eagle Flask is a small flask often used with revolvers of the Civil War period other than Colts. Made in Copper holds about 2 oz. black powder and has a 12 gr. spout. This pocket size flask is used for .31 caliber or smaller pistols.
Dec 31, 2020 · It can be difficult to tell by sight if the round is a solid cast-iron ball or a hollow projectile filled with gunpowder. ... the police bomb squad pulled a Civil War round out of a home on ...