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A forum community dedicated to Can-Am Maverick owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, accessories, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!

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Turns out to be down to a loose fitting dipstick cap - bent the plastic tabs in a bit so they grip the end of the tube - and no more popping out. Rarely do I find a simple and no cost solution to a problem on a p38.

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May 03, 2018 · First, understand how the transmission is set up. There is a fill plug, drain plug, and overflow plug. Fill and drain are self-explanatory. Behind the overflow plug is a tube sticking up into the transmission to a specific height. When there is extra fluid in the transmission, it flows into this overflow tube until the correct level is reached.

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The Performance Automatic Locking Transmission Dipsticks provide you with the most accurate fluid reading. The filler tubes offer easy access plus a "no leak" hat seal and lock top stick. Since many transmissions build up pressure, the lock top stick helps prevent the fluid from blowing out of the dipstick and going everywhere.

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Answer (1 of 3): There are a few possible causes of transmission fluid coming out of a dipstick hole. The most likely cause is the vent hose might be clogged. In this case, you would need to clean out the vent carefully. Most people use a long piece of sturdy wire to remove the build-up. This isn't a permanent fix.

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Check your owner’s manual for the correct type and quantity of fluid required. Fill the transmission with fresh fluid, pausing after each pump to allow the fluid to flow inside. Check the level on the dipstick and stop when it reaches the cold level. Step 13 – Circulate Fluid

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Transmission on page 9‑26. 4. Instrument Cluster on page 5‑7. 5. Windshield Wiper/Washer on page 5‑3. 6. Light Sensor. See Automatic Headlamp System on page 6‑3. 7. Infotainment on page 7‑1. 8. Hood Release (Out of View). See Hood on page 10‑5. 9. Data Link Connector (DLC) (Out of View). See Malfunction Indicator Lamp on page 5‑17 ...

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This dipstick is used to measure the transmission fluid level on late model Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge vehicles The vehicle manufacture designed this as a measuring tool only and it is not to be left in the vehicle.

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Since many transmissions build up pressure, the lock top stick helps prevent fluid from blowing out of the dipstick and going everywhere. The design is suited for Big Block Ford engines with the C6 transmission. Transmission Dipstick & Filler Tube, C6 Automatic, Big Block 429/460 Ford, 1966-Later

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Apr 27, 2010 · Pull the stick out, and wipe it off with a clean rag or a paper towel. with the car running, and in park, reinstall the dipstick and remove it. there should be a bit of transmission fluid on the...

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Sauer-Danfoss eHydro transmission is used for reliable operation. Durability features include: 1) Large forged trunnion shaft with larger support bearings to reduce vibration and noise. 2) Center section made from durable cast aluminum, which is 10 percent stronger. 3) Transmission oil cooler cools transmission oil for longer transmission life.
Sep 23, 2011 · I'm having problems with my 64 Bonneville's Super Hydra-matic 315 Dual Coupling Jetaway Transmission. It is "burping" about a half cup of fluid out of the dip stick tube each time put it in park and turn off the motor.:eek: I have put in new fluid, and checked it in neutral after driving in all gears, to ensure the fluid is at the proper level.
I want to start with a transmission fluid exchange as the fluid is dark brown. I purchased 4 gallons of Valvoline max-life, which says it is WS compatible. My system is not sealed and has a dipstick. I bought a replacement filter and gasket from autozone. Today I removed the plastic shield to access the pan.
why is oil coming out of dipstick tube - Asked by GuruV37Z Apr 06, 2017 at 07:06 PM about the 1990 Chevrolet C/K 1500 WT LB 4WD. Question type: Maintenance & Repair
Dec 29, 2020 · Why? Because now there is no way for the consumer to check the condition or the level of the automatic transmission fluid. There is also no way for the consumer to add fluid if it is low. The days of periodically checking your transmission fluid level by pulling a metal dipstick from a tube alongside your engine are rapidly coming to a close.

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Nov 14, 2009 · The transmission shifted very well through all the gears, and moving between P/R/D/1/2/3 etc was instant and smooth. Now, however (after checking fluid level and seeing it not on the dipstick, I added nearly a quart of fluid, and) after less than 20 miles of driving tests, it has a long delay before engaging into D (Drive).
Nov 10, 2016 · Hi there. Fluid seepage out of the vent tube can sometimes be normal, but can also be caused by overfilling. Has a service been performed recently? Perform a fluid level and condition inspection by having the engine at idle, on a level surface, warmed up engine, and remove the dipstick and cleaning it with a shop towel. Reinsert the dipstick and fully remove to a horizontal position for inspection. Nov 23, 2010 · There's fluid on the steering gear boot, which could be blowing from fluid source above or forward. You may want to inspect area around the transmission fill port on top of transmission - underneath air-intake tube - to see if the service folks spilled fluid in that area.